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John Bignell and Family

Born in this great city, Halifax has always felt like home for me. I am a husband and a father of two young boys. This community is where we have put down our roots. It’s the place where my children will grow up and the place where they will build memories. I love them deeply and want them to grow up in the best city in Canada, one that we all can be proud of. I have learned over the years, that to lead this city, you need to love this city, and its people, like family. I am determined to be a strong voice in Halifax, believing it’s time for a change and new directions in this great city of Halifax. I understand the need for strong leadership in Halifax and I vow to work every day to ensure the area I represent has a say in our city’s future.


BLT community Committee

I have also been active in my community as a volunteer with many organizations including my church, Scouts Canada and our local school. I have served as an executive member of the Sheldrake Home Owners Association, I am a founding member of the Nova Scotia Paramedic Society, and additionally am involved in the following community groups: St. Margaret’s Bay Water Quality Committee, Sheldrake Lake Aeration Project, Red Cross, Bay: Relay for Life, BTL Canada Day celebration, Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust, Woodens River Watershed Environmental Organization, Director of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club, Scouts Canada Leader, Rugby Nova Scotia coach and Nova Scotia Archaeology Society.


I have worked for Emergency Health Services Nova Scotia for almost three decades as an Advanced Care Paramedic. I am trained to work on the Clinic Support Desk and as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher. I volunteered as an HRM Firefighter and provided firefighter training throughout Nova Scotia. I participated in Operation parasol at CFB Greenwood and was present during the search for survivors after Swissair 111 crashed. I have been featured in, and have written, notable local and international publications and have been requested to speak at medical and business conferences throughout North America on various professional topics.


There is so much that we can do to make this city even more than what it is today. What we need is authentic leadership that comes from a genuine passion for this community. We need leadership that loves this community and sees its potential. Leadership that won't treat election time like an elongated job interview. Real leadership is a way of life, not a job.

Leaders are committed to their constituents and it shows in the passion they have for their communities, not their campaigns. I want to do more for my community, and our city, and that means I will do more than turn up at people's front doors come election time.

I need your support to have that chance, though. Together, we can take our community, and the city of Halifax, to the next level.

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