The change we are looking for in District 12

There is so much that we can do to make this city even more than what it is today. What we need is authentic leadership that comes from a genuine passion for this community. We need leadership that loves this community and sees its potential. Leadership that won't treat election time like an elongated job interview. Real leadership is a way of life, not a job.

Leaders are committed to their constituents and it shows in the passion they have for their communities, not their campaigns. I want to do more for my community, and our city, and that means I will do more than turn up at people's front doors come election time.

For over 26 years I have been active in my community, volunteering, and looking for ways to make a difference. I enjoy giving back to the community and working towards a common goal – participating in such an effort is fulfilling. Instead of just talking about change, I like to get out there and work hard to make it happen! I volunteer because I believe you need to get involved in order to facilitate change. If you don’t participate, you can’t make a difference.

I have been honoured to have received the Nova Scotia Provincial Volunteer Award from the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia and Premier Stephen McNeil. They recognized my environmental contributions and efforts to make our communities a great place to call home. I have been honoured to have received the Halifax Municipal Volunteer Award to recognize the contributions I have made to the community over the last 20 years.

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